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Change the Way You Eat!

Our goal at Nutritious & Delicious is to reduce the time and remove the stress of organizing healthy eating for the long term. As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™, I work one on one with you to tailor a healthy nutritious lifestyle plan for you. We have just introduced our latest innovation by setting clients up with our mobile meal tracking app, to think you could have a Nutritional Consultant living right in your phone helping you reach your goal. Check out our link for more information.

Our Certified

Holistic Nutritional Consultant™

Since 2008, Bethany has worked in the healthcare sector as a Licensed Practical Nurse. During her nursing practice, she noticed a huge deficit in the area of weight management and food information, leading her to return to school and earn her C.H.N. license from CSNN (Canada School of Natural Nutrition) in 2010. Over several years, she has counselled individuals and led group consultations. During this time, she realized that many people didn’t have the time to plan for food due to life circumstances, lack of education or misinformation about food labels and healthy food choices. As a busy mother of two young boys, having a meal plan in place for her family, is one less thing to worry about everyday.