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Nutritious & Delicious has its own Meal Planning App on
iTunes, Apple, and Google Play

Some Benefits of the Nutritious & Delicious App?

  • Nutritional Consultant will set your recommended calories and macro-nutrients to reach your goal
  • Ability to track your daily exercise in your app or sync your Fitbit to track for you

  • With purchase of our online packages you would have a customized meal plan that you get to keep on your phone forever.
  • Ability all year round to track your own foods and keep your calories and macros in check.

  • The app will include a barcode scanner to add foods to your database, with the option to manually add them in or exchange any food you need

  • Having an expert be able to answer your nutrition questions through the app and see what you are logging if you need help or want suggestions

The Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle Year Round


Monthly Subscription
Only $14.99 Per Month

Get your own Mobile & Web account with

Nutritious & Delicious

  • Track your daily calories and macros year round
  • Professional recommended macro-nutrients and calorie allowance from the Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ to reach your goal
  • Meals and exercise log daily (Fit-bit sync up with desktop version)
  • Exchange of foods and bar-code scanner access
  • Add in own food labels to data base
  • Daily weigh in and graphs
  • Year round access to text questions in the app to a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ anywhere in the world

$25 one time profile set up fee to get access

Fill out your short questionnaire and you will be sent an email to confirm

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Our Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™

Since 2008, Bethany has worked in the healthcare sector as a Licensed Practical Nurse. During her nursing practice, she noticed a huge deficit in the area of weight management and food information, leading her to return to school and earn her C.H.N. license from CSNN (Canada School of Natural Nutrition) in 2010.

Over several years, she has counselled individuals and led group consultations. During this time, she realized that many people didn’t have the time to plan for food due to life circumstances, lack of education or misinformation about food labels and healthy food choices.

As a busy mother of two young boys, having a meal plan in place for her family, is one less thing to worry about everyday.